Food Artisans Certification

Many of you find special meaning in using locally grown, raised, and made farm products to craft specialty food products that bring out the best that the Piedmont Region has to offer.  We need you to join with us as we continue to grow our local food system.

The Piedmont Grown logo offers you a unique brand and logo that stresses what so many consumers are seeking – food that is actually IS local!  Our certification program only costs $50 and can be renewed annually through our on line process.

Given your vital link between farm and fork, we ask that you consider enrolling in Piedmont Grown.

peanut-300x200A few of the benefits are:

  • Website listing that will improve access by all kinds of potential customers
  • Use of our logo in on-site and other promotional activities
  • Cost share for advertising programs that include the Piedmont Grown logo

With your help, we can continue to grow our local food system and be sure that farm fresh foods noticed item as consumers and all of us shop.

Artisan Food Producers & Processors

Get Piedmont Grown Certified