Farm Certification

You are the main reason we are here!

As a farmer or farm-based business, we at Piedmont Grown want to showcase the great food that you grow, raise, or make across the Piedmont Region.  Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about Piedmont Grown.

Our easily recognized logo is being greeted warmly by all who see it.  With our logo, consumers can easily identify your locally produced farm products at a farmers market, a farm stand, a grocery shelf, or a restaurant, and select them over other options. We hope you will join with us to market farm fresh products that are grown, raised, or made in the Piedmont Region.  Enroll now for $25 for each calendar year.

billdowA few of the benefits are:

  • Website listing that will improve access by all kinds of potential customers
  • Use of our logo in on-site and other promotional activities
  • Cost share for advertising programs that include the Piedmont Grown logo

With your help, we can continue to grow our local food system and be sure that farm fresh foods are well identified and easily noticed item as consumers and all of us shop and spend our food dollar.

Farmers & Farm Based Businesses

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