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Piedmont Grown is a certification program that wants to make sure that farm products grown, raised, and made in the Piedmont Region are clearly identified and promoted everywhere you buy food and farm fresh products.  Our Mission is to promote local food systems through the certification of food and farm products grown or raised in 37 counties in the North Carolina Piedmont Region.  We want to link consumers to local farm fresh foods, build local markets for farmers and food entrepreneurs, and grow healthy and prosperous communities.

The Piedmont Grown certification program is managed by Piedmont Grown NC Inc, a fully incorporated organization with a Board of Directors that meets regularly.

As part of our annual certification program, we carefully review all participants to maintain the integrity of our brand and keep your trust.  When businesses sign a license agreement each year, they agree to use the logo and brand to represent food and farm products grown, raised, and made by a certified Piedmont farms and businesses.


As a group, the Piedmont Grown Board of Directors represents the diversity of our local food system. These dedicated individuals firmly believe that so much more can be accomplished to help consumers access locally grown farm products.  As chefs, university faculty, farmers, economic development professionals, cooperative extension agents, and retail grocers, they together bring the personal experiences and insight to helping Piedmont Grown move forward.

Elizabeth Powers | Chatham County

Noah Ranells | Fickle Creek Farm / Farm Better Now, Orange County

Our Supporters

We are grateful for the support of the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project and the Tobacco Trust Fund.
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Our Partners

We enthusiastically partner with the 10% campaign to encourage all consumers to buy local farm products grown, raised, or made in NC. melonlogo
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